A New Blog

I've wanted to start a new blog for a while now, and with getting Kris's travelogue off the ground, it dawns on me that this is the perfect time for it. I don't have any sort of set agenda for it, although I can predict it'll be mostly science & technology, some programming and operating system geekery, and a dash of photography from time to time.

I do hope that there are at least some posts of interest to you, my visitors.

The domain name, 30Dor, is a common abbreviation for "30 Doradus," one of my favorite objects in the sky. It's the spot on the sky where the Tarantula Nebula can be found, and is without question one of the most fascinating astronomical subjects you might choose to study. I think the folks over at Hubble put it best:

The 30 Doradus or Tarantula Nebula region of the Large Magellanic Cloud is synonymous with many superlatives in astronomy, hosting as it does

  • the most massive young resolved cluster, R136
  • the most massive stars yet discovered
  • the fastest rotating O-type stars
  • the most massive runaway star

Learn more about 30Dor at some of the links below. Come for the eye candy, stay for the science! ;-)

I'll also copy some of my old posts into this new blog, as I have the time and find the more interesting ones.

Be seeing you!